Amplified Telephone

The state of Texas offers a program called the Specialized Telecommunication Assistance Program (STAP). This program gives free amplified telephones, ring signalers, and even hearing aid compatible Bluetooth devices, for free or significantly reduced prices. You are eligible for a new phone every 5 years if you are a Texas resident and you have a qualifying hearing impairment. All that is necessary is the STAP application, a copy of your hearing test, and proof of residency (identification card, drivers license, or utility bill).

Pocket Talker

A pocket talker is an assistive device with a hand held microphone and a pair of headphones. It is most suitable to someone who lives a quiet lifestyle and mainly wants help hearing in a one on one quiet atmosphere.

TV Ears

TV Ears is an assistive device made for the television. When you use TV ears it does not affect the normal operation of your television’s volume function. Your television’s volume can be set at a normal, lowered or muted while the person wearing the TV Ears can set their wireless TV headset volume to the level they prefer. They will work with almost all TVs and are easy to install.

Alerting Devices

These devices include telephone ring signalers, doorbell signalers, fire and CO2 alarms and many others.