Functional Medicine

Patients visit health care providers for a variety of reasons over the course of their life. Traditionally, a patient will reach out right when they do not feel well, schedule an appointment with their provider for a brief period and review a series of treatment options to address a single symptom.

Another approach is known as functional medicine, which involves greater detail in listening to a patient’s medical history, in addition to examining details based on factors that can contribute toward long-term sickness or symptoms.

Dr. Benke is a certified functional medicine physician as of May 2023. He retired from the operating room summer of 2023, but his surgical mindset enhances his critical thinking and problem solving skills that are vital for functional medicine.

Read about Dr. Benke on the Institute For Functional Medicine Website.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is root-cause medicine and helps treat the growing number of people who struggle with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, allergies, auto-immune disorders and other such illnesses..

Functional medicine aims to help patients understand how these conditions come about, how they can prevent worsening outcomes and what treatment options providers may offer for more complex cases.

Best practices for a functional medicine approach can include:

  • Patient-first care that goes beyond acute treatment
  • A more detail-oriented look into a patient’s options
  • Greater emphasis and education on proper nutrition, diet and exercise

What Can I Expect From a Functional Medicine Model?

A functional medicine practitioner will help you work toward prevention of your worst symptoms and create customized treatment plans that take your individual needs into account. You can think of a functional medicine provider as your active partner in enhancing your health to make for a better life.

Specific Outcomes & Goals

Using a more detailed roadmap toward effective treatment, the functional medicine model takes a more holistic approach that accounts for hormone regulation, psychological wellbeing and how your body reacts to treatment over time.

With a functional medicine model, your provider may be able to help you:

  • Better regulate your digestive health and your ability to better absorb nutrients
  • Enhance your immune system and inflammatory responses
  • Feel a bit more energy each day as treatment continues

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