Hearing Aids


by Readers of Cleburne Times-Review 2011 – 2019

You may need hearing aids and not even be aware of it. Hearing aids can significantly improve your day to day conversations and lifestyle. If you are experiencing hearing loss and feel you might benefit from a hearing aid, contact Dr. Benke’s office in Cleburne today.

Hearing Aid Evaluation / Demo – During this appointment, our Cleburne-based audiologist will talk to you about your current lifestyle and needs to determine what type of hearing aid would best benefit your specific situation. He will discuss accessories that can be used with your hearing aids including Bluetooth for your cell phone, land line phone, and even TV. There are also hearing instruments available to try in the office during your appointment.

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Buying a Hearing Aid  – Because some hearing problems can be medically corrected, first visit a physician who can refer you to an otolaryngologist (an ear, nose, and throat specialist).

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Hearing Aid Companies – Benke ENT Clinic in Cleburne offers a wide spectrum of hearing aid choices from first choice manufacturers.  They are also happy to repair and service hearing instruments from manufacturers not listed.

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