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Your ability to hear is vital to maintaining daily conversations and activities. Yet 48 million Americans live with a hearing loss, including nearly 50 percent of Americans 75 and older. Of those millions of Americans, many aren’t even aware they suffer a loss in hearing. 

Does this sound familiar for you or your loved one? 

  • Difficulty understanding words especially when there is background noise.
  • Frequently asking others to repeat themselves or speak more loudly or slowly
  • Becoming less engaged in conversations
  • Turning up the volume of the television or radio often

These are all symptoms of hearing loss. While hearing loss is a common condition in the United States, it doesn’t have to alter your quality of life. A hearing examination and hearing aid fitting by members of our audiology team can help you amplify your natural hearing ability so you don’t miss a thing. 

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Our Cleburne audiologist and hearing aid specialist are the local experts in hearing aids. Below, read more about each hearing aid topic to understand how this technology can benefit you or your loved one suffering from a loss in hearing.

How do hearing aids work?

Learn how these devices work to improve your natural hearing ability.

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Which hearing aid is right for me?

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Which hearing aids do you carry?

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Your answer to questions about hearing aids, insurance coverage, and more.

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If you are experiencing hearing loss symptoms, and feel you might benefit from a hearing aid, contact Dr. Benke’s office in Cleburne, Texas today.