Delta Hearing Device

By February 25, 2008 Hearing Loss

We are proud to announce the introduction of the new Delta hearing device.

Delta has already won its first prestigious design award, now it’s winning the hearts of users all over the world.

Many people know the frustration and embarrassment of being in a conversation but not really being IN the conversation. You may smile or nod, but inside you’re thinking, “Please don’t let anyone ask me anything.”

Delta is designed specifically to give you the clarity you’ve been missing, whether it’s in a meeting, at the office or around the dinner table. With Delta, you can feel confident when you’re with family, friends or colleagues.

Inside Delta are the most sophisticated sound processing technologies available, from advanced noise management to voice detection systems. Artificial Intelligence makes thousands of subtle digital adjustments every second, reducing noise and enhancing speech leaving you free to enjoy every single moment of any listening experience.

What makes it even better is that Delta’s high-tech triangular design and virtually invisible sound wire make the whole device amazingly discreet.

Delta helps you get on with your active life without you even noticing you’re wearing it. You simply put it on, turn it on and enjoy. In the situations that matter, you won’t even realize how much it’s helping until you take it off.

Delta is worn behind the ear and will stay hidden if you want it that way. But many people choose to make a statement with their device, similar to the way they choose their eye glasses. Delta has a wide range of colors and styles from hair and skin tones to metallic and from smart to sporty. There’s one to fit every personality, including yours!

For a free listening demo, call the Benke Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic at 817-641-3750.