Secure Horizons & AARP update on Hi Health Innovations

By February 15, 2012 Uncategorized


WARNING to all United Healthcare (UHC) members with hearing aid benefits from hi Health Innovations through the following plans:  Secure Horizons and AARP Medicare Complete from Secure Horizons.   This letter is to inform you of our policy with Secure Horizons concerning hearing aid benefits, as well as providing you information concerning hi Health Innovations for hearing aids.

Our clinic is not contracted with Secure Horizons for hearing aids.  In the past, we were honoring our patient’s Secure Horizons’ hearing aid benefits, but at this time we are no longer able to do that under the new program, hi Health Innovations .  Under this new program, hi Health Innovations , we are still able to bill for annual hearing tests and other Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) services provided by Benke ENT.  The new program has affected how we can handle benefits concerning the purchase of hearing instruments.  Basically, the new program removes us completely from the process of helping you select the right hearing instrument/s for your particular hearing loss, along with the process of fitting and service to your hearing instrument/s concerning the care and maintenance of your hearing instrument/s.

According to the new program, “As a UHC MEDICARE ADVANTAGE plan holder…you can pay smaller, predictable co-pay for hearing aids from hi Health Innovations. ” This means that you will receive your hearing instruments/hearing aids from this program and not from any local provider, audiologists, or hearing aid specialists.   The new program, hi Health Innovations , offers hearing aids at two different copayment options.  They offer $110 co-pay for behind the ear hearing instruments and another offer of $160 co-pay for open fit in the canal aid, which is limited to two aids per year.

Each part of the hearing aid process goes through hi Health Innovations program, so at this time our hands are tied.  Based on the information for policy holders, “ hi Health Innovations offers a variety of popular models that are programmed to your personal hearing needs.  You can also enjoy the convenience of having your hearing aid sent directly to your home.”  They provide you with very limited information concerning the entire process of purchasing hearing aids and any further services provided after purchasing the hearing aids through their program.

You are not obligated to use your UHC benefits.  If you so chose, you may purchase hearing aids directly from Benke ENT; however, you will not be able to use your UHC benefits.  The patient is totally responsible for any hearing aid or hearing instrument services provided by Benke ENT.  Benke ENT Clinic, strongly recommends that you carefully read over your plan and options concerning hearing instruments that are available through hi Health Innovations before you decide to purchase hearing instruments through this program as part of UHC.

We want you to be happy, healthy, and well informed patients and we want to provide you with the best quality of service possible; therefore, we feel that it is our responsibility to inform you of these changes and how these changes affect your benefits concerning the purchase of hearing aids.