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By April 11, 2011 Testimonials

Carey Dyer’s Story on Allergic Rhinitis:
Removing the tonsils of a man who sings for a living is delicate.

Garland Hunt’s Story on Dizziness:
“The room would spin until I walked into walls. Couldn’t drive. For 10 years I suffered.

Garrison Roe’s Story on Hearing Loss:
“I was shocked. Garrison had almost total hearing loss. ‘He’ll have to have tubes.’ everyone said.”

John Adam’s Story about Hearing Aids:
“You see my hearing aid? They had the kind you don’t see, but I needed this one. And I’m proud of it, because I can hear again.

Karen Elder’s Story on Sinusitis:
On her visit, Karen’s sinuses were totally blocked, yet she had been on antibiotics almost year round.

LaTarah Lacey Story About Facial Plastic Surgery :
“Just a swollen node, I thought. But Dr Benke’s test showed a tumor. I was terrified. Before surgery, I cried. Dr. Benke took my hand and asked if he could pray for me.”

Linda and Joseph’s Story on Sniffles:
“We moved here from Fort Worth and could have returned there for Joseph’s surgery. But Dr. Benke was so very competent, I had total trust.”